Performance meets customisation

AMO Customs is all about performance and visual upgrades. Making your kit perform better and look sharper.

We invest in cutting-edge technology to improve your game while appreciating the need to express your personality. Take your boots to the next level with our innovative range of AMO products.

White Boot with Orange Laces

Visually superior and
technically advanced.

Black Lace, Explore Tab

Amo Grip Laces

AMO grip laces are designed to take your boot to the next level.

explore laces
Black Lace, Explore Tab

Amo Studs

AMO studs are available in a variety of colours to suit any boot.

explore Studs
Tying Green Laces

Perform Better
Look sharper

Anything’s an advantage in the modern game, and an AMO upgrade gives you a competitive edge. But we all know on a football pitch it’s as much about standing out as it is about performance. So fix up and look sharp.

Tightening black studs

Maximise performance
with an AMO upgrade.

Maximise performance
with an AMO upgrade.

Silicon AMO Grip for

A premium lace upgrade and compatible with any boot, the polyester AMO Grip Lace has a textured silicon coating that enhances ball touch, minimises lace slip and retains fit. And let’s be honest, they look fire.

Green laces on an under armour boot
Black laces on a black boot

Silicon coating that
enhances ball touch.

Silicon coating that
enhances ball touch.

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Join our Team AMO community to interact with fellow AMO lovers. And we’re keen to see the most inventive ways you’ve owned your boots by using AMO Customs to make them look sharp, so send us your pics! Who dares wins, right?

Black Nike boot with purple Studs

Join the Community
with team AMO

Join the community
with Team AMO